To Dale: On the Shores of Long Lake

Their first destination . . .

in a world there lived a Woman

Mirkwood was as miserable as ever, but Eirikr took them north along the Great River and found the traces of the Elvish path so they did not have to cross through the forest the long way. Straight across, not horizontally from southwest to northeast, he thought. Besides, the Anduin was refreshing after such a long time in Moria. The sun on the rapids helped dispel some of the shadows that remained from the caves. The journey through the dark forest remained uneventful – the incursion of the Galadhrim pulled the attention of much of the evil in the woods and their path remained relatively clear. When they emerged on the edges of the forest, they could see far in the distance the outline of the mountain in the northeast; down the Forest River, the waters merged with the Long Lake and Eirikr could almost smell the scent of fish from…

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  1. well since the game died on us, check what I have written in my latest post. I don’t know if that will be helpful. I did say that Hallam might have been looking into both the domestic and business affairs of Erikir’s father. Perhaps off-duty, since the Watch seemed generally unwilling to follow any such leads. As hinted at in my post, I was toying with the idea that there was more than one corrupt merchant in the two cities. And perhaps Gearon found employ in Esgaroth with the wrong crowd.

    Anyways Dale plot getting exciting! The real events about to be happining!

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