Interlude: Night when the Portal Failed

All the glorious adventures planned for the night . . . . Not sure how much longer I can endure this computer . . . .



  1. oh the irony…I’ve left my computer at a shop for the weekend to get a factory reset done. I’ll have to re-download and install LOTRO after I get it back monday. And if that doesn’t fix it…

    Why can’t the software be at least as durable as the hardware?

    1. I hope it does fix it! If only things were made to last and work properly. I still have to replace my clunker. But for the time being I talk softly to it and let it listen to self-help cassetts when I’m not home . . . . >.<

      1. Well my computer has been reborn from the ashes like a phoenix, now all I need is for the 22000+ dat files to download so I can play LOTRO again…that could take some time. Hope your computer is doing better.

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