The winter sun shone just as brightly upon Folchet as it did in all the other neighborhoods, but to Eruviel it felt like rain. Not that rain was bad; rainy days were some of her favorites, but as she stood at the gates to the old manor the Eldar felt burdened and dreary.


Sucking in a sharp breath as the call jolted her out of her thoughts, the elf turned. “Good afternoon, Ris!”

“I got your post,” said the young woman as she approached, running fingers through her short, strawberry blonde hair. “Were you able to find everything?”

Eruviel lifted the bundle of books in her arms. “Ranth wasn’t home, but I let myself in, took a few keepsakes I’d forgotten and traded copies in for my first editions.”

Risalra tugged at the collar of her coveralls.” You didn’t have ta do that. But Ranth will appreciate not having half the library go missing.”

“I only took a handful of volumes,” chuckled Eruviel quietly. “Oh, and here,” she added quickly, fishing an envelope from her tunic pocket. “The deed.”

The young woman opened the tab and thumbed through the few pages within. “You sure ’bout this?”

Eruviel nodded. “I am. It’s time I moved on.”

“How long’s it been?”

“Just over five years,” replied Eruviel, shifting her load.

Ris scoffed. “Yer an Elf. Five years ain’t that long.”

“It’s long enough,” said Eruviel, glancing to the young woman out of the corner of her eye. “I see no benefit to holding onto the place. They would have wanted me to find a good owner who would put it to good use.”

The elf and human stood there as several minutes passed, both looking thoughtfully to the three story home. “I’ll take good care of it,” said Ris, finally breaking the silence. “Now that you’re putting the Dreadward behind you, what’ll you do now?”

Eruviel remained silent for a moment longer before a smile curved up her mouth. “Nothing is changing, Ris. My life will continue forward . . . though I am meeting with a guild leader later today,” she offered with a shrug.

“Oh? That’s good ta hear!” Ris responded, smiling at the elf. “Let me know if it works out.”

“I will,” nodded Eruviel, stepping out into the road. “We still on for lessons tomorrow?”

“Sure thing! Made a new sword I wanna test out.”

“A new sword isn’t going to make you a better swordsman, Ris,” Eruviel smirked.

Risalra rolled her eyes. “I’ll take all the help I can get. You watch out. I’ll beat you one of these days.”

Walking away, Eruviel raised a hand in a parting wave. “Over my dead body!”

“If that’s what it takes!” Ris shouted back, saluting with the envelope to her forehead. “Later, then!”

Stopping, Eruviel turned and observed the old kin house one last time as the young woman disappeared into the building. She had dealt with the deaths, but not the letting go, and the ache twisted around the relief of no longer having the empty halls looming about her. “Who knows,” she whispered with a wistful smile. “Namárië, old friend.”


      1. yeah my old computer is currently shoveling a 6 foot hole for itself and I’m having trouble getting lotro working on my new one, not to mention RL has picked up, but I’ll try to find time!

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