Have Words With Thee

This pen offers a meager existence. How dare these silly creatures keep me in a corral with such inferior beasts. How the mistress can endure keeping the simple minded mare, I will never understand. Every day she eats the same hay, and every day she comments on its flavor as if it is a new revelation. Pathetic. 

I only hate the grey one a little less, but somehow he is south “on buisness” with the stranger’s steed. I will be sure to have words with the mistress upon her return.

~~~ *** ~~~

Ooh, it’s supper time. Things are better here than I’d expected. The strong one isn’t bad company, and we’re getting excellent exercise. Only the head human and the lad who brought us rides us. The human missing teeth gives me odd looks, but it is of no consequence. She will come in her own time, and then we shall be off to battle and glorious deeds!


The humans are late with my bread. I accept their offerings, of course, for I should not be ungrateful, but my elf serves better loaves. And now she’s off again, and not only am I left here, but the new neighbors are so loud. Dog One, and Dog Two are curious creatures, but I am not so easily amused. I caught the pretty human’s lynx eyeing me the other day. I should be wary of that one.

I’ll give her a piece of my… What if she comes home with a pet! Filthy things, they… What if it’s a dog, or – No! She wouldn’t bring home a swan! … would she? Now I’m going fret, and I’ll molt, and my lovely feathers will be ruined, and I’ll never see her again!


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