Bittersweet: Red

Faethril screamed, this time in pain, as the molten metal directed by Anric’s expert kick to the vat covered her. The jewelry was coated in the hot plasma. They were destroyed, melting beneath the heat, and Faethril lost substance. The gems in each piece burst, her face took on a strange look of serenity and then, just like that, she was gone. In that moment, Anya fell to her knees as if struck.

“They’re… she’s gone,” said the young woman as she stared past red waves of hair at the dirt between her hands.

Eruviel placed a hand softly on Anya’s back. “How do you feel, oselle?”

Anyatka turned her light grey eyes up to look at her. “I…I feel so light.”

Eruviel’s eyes snapped open. She could still smell the deer meat and savory gravy from the pie lingering in the warm air of the house. Drawing a deep breath she sat up in the oversized chair filling one corner of her bedroom, mindful of the puppy that slept on her feet.

It had been two years since the Red Pass. Two years since she had sat in Ost Guruth holding Anya’s hand as a healer had stitched up the young woman’s back. Two years, and they were no closer to being rid of Faethril, and Parmanen.

Reaching down beside her chair, she lifted the red wine bottle with her seal on it’s side, and frowned. She had forgotten that she had finished it earlier. A shame. She liked that vintage. The same that they had almost gotten drunk on a year ago….

“I should be moving out soon. Regardless of breaking ground on the expansion. You need your space back, and my siblings need me there.”

Frowning, Eruviel adjusted the sash of her long, black and gold silk night robe. Glancing to the glow of firelight that could be seen past the cracked open door, she scooped up the puppy who had by now awoken to gaze expectantly up at her.

Anyatka, Anyatka, she repeated to herself, attempting to focus on the more pressing matter at hand instead of the ache that tightened in her chest. It was not the impending departure, but the stoic expression he wore as he’d said it that made her suddenly wonder if it had all just been —  Eruviel shook her head violently. Such a fool. She was being as ridiculous as her oselle. She had overstepped her bounds before, and would not do so again. She would do nothing, for it was not her place, and it was the right thing to do. She was sure of it.

Curling up in the chair with her puppy, the Elf closed her eyes. What would I do without you, my little friend? Getting tackled then tossed about by a six and a half foot, two hundred and eighty pound man had left her exhausted. It was not good for her to dwell on such matters when in such a state. She would need all of her energy for when they left in the morning to go hunt for their lost sister. Anders would get the message by morning and, Valar willing, they would meet Anya half way to the horse farms.

Resting her head on the arm of the chair, Eruviel let out a long, quiet sigh. She drew away beyond the house and the distant memory of his arms, beyond Durrow, and Bree-land till the woods and fields filled with colors and faded. Then all was dark as night, and she slowly emptied herself till all that remained was a luminous star-like being that hovered alone in the blue-black void, filled with gladness, and peace, and purpose.

Dear, foolish, selfish oselle. Be smart. Be safe.

Orome, please… please let us find her first.


((Two years since all the fun at ‘Through the Red Pass‘!))

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