Letters Bidden By Storm

To Laerlin,

My dear Lady,

Greetings! I hope this letter finds you well and rested after your long journey home. It was good to hear that you have settled back in to your Bree. I have been in contact with only a few since returning for my time has been consumed by other work. It is good to hear that you have written them, and I do hope you get answers to your questions.

I cannot begin to thank you enough for your care of Halethon. While he still struggling, it was a relief to see him in such good spirits and having made such tremendous progress in spite of his condition. I find it heartbreaking to see our roles somewhat reversed. Half of his nights are torn with dreams of Minas Tirith, and myself as well as his family are working to keep him positive and moving during the day to lessen the likelihood of their occurrence. His letter to you is in the works, but will arrive a bit later than mine.

It is wise of you to refrain from telling the news. After so many years of living independently, such transitions should be handled delicately. I would ask, though, that you inform Eruviel. I will be writing to her as well, but after so long I know such news will mean a great deal to her. She spoke fondly of Evendim as well. If it is rebuilt perhaps someday I will have the freedom to visit you there.

On rebuilding, it is going well. With the war over and the new king arrived, there was near to being another war in the city, for all the lords were vying for unclaimed power. It took weeks of letters and negotiating (and no small amount of manipulation), but a meeting of the Lords was called upon my return. With father handing the house over to me, and the help of a few friends we were able to create a council of Lords who all have signed a pact (I will not bore you with the details). I daresay the city would still be in ruins without it. By now all of the greater houses have signed, and the ease of access to resources (provided by the aforementioned agreement) has seen a tremendous amount of work accomplished in a short span of time.

It is a realization to a dream and years of planning. The more that is accomplished here the better we are able to assist the rest of the country. There are a few houses that have not yet signed, but the tripled prices for resources and labor outside of the council will soon, I am sure, have them rethinking what is best for both the city and their own estates.

Last week the rebuilding of the entirety of the southern docks was completed. They had been hit the hardest, and were a complete loss. I cannot begin to tell you what a beacon of hope it has been. Never in the history of Pelargir have they both looked so fair and been so accommodating to the trade that flows through that sector of the city. It has been years since the morale among the Lords and the people has been so high. The northern half of the port is currently being disassembled to be rebuilt, the poorer quarters (which had been all but destroyed) have been evacuated and are being rebuilt from the ground up, and the shipyards have already produced several fine naval and merchant vessels. There have been a few… worrisome snags along the way, but for the most part work has gone unhindered. Nearly everyone is proud of their work and proud to be a part of the new vision for the city.

With best regards,

Peldirion of House Calaer, Vice Counsel of Pelargir

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

To Lady Artistuion

Dearest Eruviel,

Before I wonder where to begin I must first beg your forgiveness for not writing sooner. The war had kept me in the field, and I was glad to receive your letters once I returned home.

I saw your likeness tonight. After all we spoke on last summer I do not fear you thinking me mad, but seeing you instead of Emeleth would not have caused in me nearly as much turmoil. She told me that young woman I wrote to you about before will soon be making a choice on whether she will actually leave the Temple to join me or not. I thought I could endure these last months apart from her, but now for the first time since Minas Tirith I cannot sleep. Half agony, half hope I sit in the dark, my heart tearing at it’s cage. Too good and excellent a creature, she pierces my soul. The next few moths will, I fear, take much longer than originally anticipated.

I write you this because the few who I might confide in cannot help me, and in your kindness you do not shy from topics of heartbreak and loss. Adrovon is gone, Halethon is in no state for such conversation, and Lalaith…

A storm has rolled in from the sea. Rain steals in the window of my rented room and seeing as sleep eludes me, I will ride for home within the hour. I pray this letter finds you safe and at peace, dear friend. Next I write I hope to tell you of Pelargir, and of happier tidings.

May the Valar bless you and keep you.

Respectfully yours,



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