Born in 1507 of the Third Age in Lindon, Eruviel (then known as Artistuion) was the youngest of three. Her brothers, Rainion and Milloth, were proud of their Noldor heritage, and both fought in the Last Alliance. They taught her of the past, to craft, dance, hunt, and to fight to protect the other races whom their father looked down upon. Her unusual zeal (encouraged by Milloth from a young age) and distaste for her fathers haughty manner and apathy earned her the amilesse of Eruraviel from her mother.


This blog contains some of her many adventures, and back story (kept in order as much as possible). If there are any questions about her character or stories you think that need to be told, feel free to let me know!


 Eruviel is no longer a part of the Dreadward kinship, but continues on in their memory. She now serves in the ranks of The Wayfarers Guild as a scout and archer.

Elvish words and phrases used are acquired from : http://www.grey-company.org/Circle/language/phrase.htm and http://www.elfdict.com/

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