Details of Eruviel

Esse: Artistuion (Artis)

Amliesse: Eruraviel Artistuion

Name: Eruviel Aranduin

Gender: Female

Race: Noldor Elf

Born: December 8th, 1507 of the Third Age

Origion: The Haven of Annúngilon in Forlindon near the banks of the river Gelion

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 130

Build: Athletic and hourglass

Hair: Silky, warm brown, slightly wavy, waist-length (almost always worn in a single braid over her shoulder), long, side-swept bangs

Eyes: Emerald green

Jewelry: silver ear cuff connected to delicate silver chains that drape back into her hair.

Speech: Though she speaks common fluently her elvish accent often surfaces, giving her voice a warm tone. She is fluent in a number of many languages.

Parents: Istuion and Nostariel (sailed west)

Siblings: Rainion (deceased), Milloth (deceased)

Relationships: Single (widowed)

Distinguishing Marks/Features: Very few people know about her scars (only revealed through in-game RP). While still fair, her skin has a warm glow to it from years in the sun.

Weapons of choice: Bow (master), sword (master with long sword, expert with short. Does best dual-wielding), spear (proficient)
Other: daggers (expert), battle axe (proficient)

Companions/Pets: Mount – Voronwen (Stallion from Angmar, hot-headed and quick), Destrier – Eölir (Origins unknown, he is proud and strong). One might also note that once a week a white swan sits in Eruviel’s yard as she does the laundry. She fondly refers to him as ‘Henry’. The Elf has also recently acquired a puppy who she has named Fletch.

Personal Strengths: She is fiercely loyal, and unfailingly kind. Ever the optimist, she often finds the good in any situation.

General: She has a kind face and her eyes almost always have a merry or mischievous gleam to them. Eruviel can blend in with either humans or elves, easily changing hats from sweet, to solemn, to snarky. When around friends her musical laugh might distinguish her in a crowd.

Fun facts: Favorite time of day is twilight, loves the rain, is a fantastic cook, has elfy powers (only revealed on a need-to-know basis). She dreams of a place she could swim every day, and delights in the outdoors (primarily in the wilds). If she smelled like anything it would be of pine and wild roses after a cool rain.

Looks most like: Olga Kurylenko

PicMonkey Collage

Full Biography:

Before, and Early Years
Born in 1507 of the Third Age to Lord Istuion of Annungilon and his wife Nostariel, Eruviel (then known as Artistuion) was the youngest of three.

Istuion, descended from a house of princes under the house of Fingolfin, and Nostariel, a granddaughter of Ingwe, met and fell in love in the Years of the Trees. In the youth of their union they had two sons, Ranion and Milloth. Istuion fought as a Lieutenant under Fingon, and Rainion fought under Glorfindel (key times being at the fall of Gondolin, and then again at Fornost where Rainion was slain). Milloth, then young, remained with Nostariel, seeing her to safety as Gondolin fell.

After the War of Wrath Istuion was granted lordship over the haven of Annungilon that overlooked the river Gelion in Forlindon. Nostariel later told Eruviel that Istuion had once been as mighty as his lord, but the War greatly weakened his spirit, and then the Fall of Numenor shattered his faith in mankind. Istuion along with both of his sons fought in the last alliance (Istuion because he was loyal to his kin, Rainion and Milloth because they believed in the alliance), but after that never again did Istuion take up his bow and sword for anything but to protect his own people from the enemy.

Nostariel, having seen the futures of both Milloth, and (at that time) an unborn daughter, attempted to convince Istuion to let them have a third child. For many years Istuion refused to father any more children into such a world, but in spite of their great age, eventually consented for the happiness of his wife and the hopeful prospect of having a daughter. Eruviel was born as Artistuion, and she brought a light that Annungilon had been lacking. Her unusual zeal (encouraged by her brother Milloth from a young age) and disgust for her father’s manner towards the other races, brought on by a somewhat tragic falling out, earned her the amilesse of Eruraviel from her mother.

After Fornost
After the death of Rainion at the Fields of Fornost the mourning Nostariel and Istuion sailed West. Eruviel and Milloth took off into the world, sometimes apart, to give aid to those who needed it. Both sorrow and adventure frequented her path. She spent several hundred years traveling with warriors and Rangers, fighting the growing evil, primarily in Angmar where for many years the citizens of Aughaire considered her to be one of their own, and the enemy knew her for her fierce opposition. One thing that set her apart was her rescue of an Angmarim child, and push to have him accepted by the Trév Gállorg. The child Ge’bar became Daran, and up until his death he was one of Eruviel’s staunchest allies.

It was here that she met and fought her greatest enemy, a sorcerer by the name of Alogos. For several months he held her captive in Himbar and Carn Dum where she was tortured, and would have been killed or worse had her friend Daran not rescued her. While not all of her scars have mended, Alogos inadvertently enabled Eruviel to realized her full gifts, ones her brother Milloth had given up on helping her develop. It has been eight years since his death.

A Change of Pace
For eight years she traveled and fought with a fellowship of primarily fighting men, and at the end of those years she wed the human Adrovorn, a captain of Gondor from Pelargir. Four wonderful months into their marriage he was summoned back, and Eruviel promised to stay behind at Adrovorn’s request as he and the Dreadward departed south. Hardly a year had passed before news came of their deaths, including those of both Adrovorn and Milloth.

Widowed, Eruviel moved to Bree into a house that had once been Milloth’s, and immersed herself in her work as a huntress and sword for hire. As she finally began to emerge from her grief she stumbled across Anyatka Tenorbrook and invited the homeless young woman to stay with her. As Anya struggled with being possessed (thanks to relics the woman had acquired while on her journey to Bree-land) the two came to regard each other as sisters. A series of both fortunate and not so fortunate events brought Eirikr and Abiorn Tenorbekk, Anya’s brothers, to Bree-land. Eruviel has come to consider the Tenorbekks as family.

After returning from Dale with Eboric and Abiorn, Eruviel found herself beset by her old enemy’s student, Mornenion. Having gone to rescue a friend, the Elf fell into the trap. She was nearly beaten to death and marked by sorcery that would not allow her to fully heal. Mornenion slain, Eruviel has come to terms with all that transpired and prays that no more ghosts of the past reemerge.

The days have been kinder to her as of late, and she has joined the The Wayfarers, thinking it high time she join up with a company again. She has recently acquired … or possibly has been acquired by a swan whom she fondly refers to as ‘Henry’. She also owns a destrier of who’s origins she is unsure of, a Angmarim steed that was a gift from the Trev Gallorg, a puppy who she has named Fletch, and a hendroval chick she calls Pin.

The previous summer saw her become a resident of Durrow. She now resides up the hill from the Tenorbekk cabin. Eirikr and (as she believes) his son Eboric currently live with her.

Eruviel’s Playlist:

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