Age: 20
DoB: October 2
Gender: Female
Heritage: Gondorian
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 115

Born in Dol Amroth, Feira has lived there her whole life. Her father a respected butcher and mother one of the best maids in the city, her early childhood was a happy one. Greedy and jealous, Lirion’s sister Raewiel slowly drained the family’s resources, and when a debt came due, Raewiel convinced her brother to take out a loan from the owner of an opium den. The loan unable to be repaid, the thugs, at the time high on the drug, came after Feira and her mother. Cornered in an alley, Elanor hid the girl before the thugs could catch them both. Seven months later Feira watched her mother die in premature childbirth.

Feira stayed in the house her mother had served in till her father and aunt sent for her (after being badgered to death by her brother for them to do so). Torrin, four years older than she, took up the role of being the girl’s protector and friend due to Lirion being altered by grief and Raewiel being abusive of the girl. Feira came under the employ of House Colagar at the age of thirteen and has remained there since.

Her brother Torrin finding out the truth of how his sister was being treated by their family, he and Feira disowned Lirion and Raewiel. Things had gone smoothly, Feira even being courted by a sailor, when Raewiel took out a loan in Torrin’s name with the same lender as years before. Pressed to pay back what was owed, Feira was often followed by a thug or two. In this time her aunt Raewiel was found murdered in the woman’s flat, the killing attributed to the murderer of several other unsolved cases, and Lirion threw himself from the cliffs outside the city. Mere weeks away from the loan coming due, it was mysteriously forgiven.

As of late, the Lady Cirieldis has been generous, and sent the young woman away to see a part of the world of her choosing.