Ildric (Vrax)

Age: 57

Son of a woman of Bree-land, and and hunter from Eryn Vorn, Ildric is the leader of a successful company of smugglers and fighters. Found lost at the age of fifteen, Ildric was taken in by a band of brigands who ran the Greenway.

When he was eighteen, Ildric took over the weakening band. Kicking out or killing the few who disagreed with the direction he was leading the group of ruffians, Ildric turned them into a raiding and mercenary company. Based out of a semi-permanent camp a short distance outside of Tharbad, they raided orc camps, served as guards to outlying farms and the few passing merchants.

In his twenty-third year, Ildric was saved from a band of orcs by the Elf Eruviel. An odd friendship grew between the ruffian and Eldar in the year she spent with the off-colored company. Remaining in contact after she returned back to Angmar, they kept in touch for information trading, and the occasional hiring of Ildric’s men for more reputable work.

Not hindered by his years, Ildric leads unchallenged. As the war in the south has worsened, the company smuggles goods into refugees who are cut off from all else, and wipes out other brigand bands. As strong as ever, the large company now controls all of the ruins on the southern side of the Gwathló river, their reach stretching west to the sea, and south down through the Enedwaith.