Inaris Jade

Age: 21

Born in Rhun, Inaris was raised in an upper-class brothel in a Dorwinion trade city where her mother was owned. At the age of six her father, a Wainrider who had captured her mother from Dale, bought Vilaya’s freedom. Inaris was left behind to be raised and tutored by the other women.

By her father’s orders, Inaris did not take on all the responsabilities as one of the girls till she was thirteen. The sun brand behind her ear was her birthday gift, marking her as a Courtesan. Being pretty and fairly exotic, she was kept primped and in the gardens. When she was fourteen she was sold to the Easterling military with a number of other girls to service the officers. She received her lotus tattoo as a mark of her use and position.

Inaris did not find freedom till several years later. The army having camped on the far side of the river Anduin, they were attacked by a dispatch of Rohirrim. The battle lasted more than a day, and Inaris slew her Keeper after he had beaten several of the other girls and cut off her hair.

She lived in eastern Rohan for a time under the care of a widowed thatcher. Falling victim to a broken heart, she left and traveled west till she got snowed in in the town of Bree. She has remained there ever since.

Currently the young woman works as a Courtesan at The Lady’s Mantle Inn located in a village south of Bree. Confident and swearing to never get caught and taken back east, Jade relishes her freedom. Most recently she has fallen for and wed  Bree-land farmer and ale-conner Drewett Harlowe, somewhat reluctantly quitting her position at the brothel.