Risalra Thorne

Age: 21

Born in Rohan, Risalra moved to Bree-land when she was hardly two years of age. When her mother died only a few short years later, her father packed up the family and returned to his homeland. Risalra was left behind in the wake, forgotten.

Risalra grew up on the streets, but put her life of theft and worse crimes behind her after a string of traumatic events that ended with arson and murder (never pinned on her, of course). She has since then taken up weaponsmithing, and works as an apprentice at a forge in Bree with the goal of one day owning her own.

Ris has taken up lessons in swordsmanship from the Elf, Eruviel whom she mostly pretends to have little care for. Though she claims to dislike the Eldar and foreigners in general, there had been reported sightings of a young Gondorian nobleman who seemed to have taken up residence in her small manor.

After an “accident” left her with a broken collarbone and shoulder, she was laid up for several months (much to her distress). Her shoulder healed, and her Gondorian disappeared south, Ris has been about town and back to work. Ris’s engagement ring no longer on her finger, she has responded to a flyer asking for adventurers. Why not, right?