Innocent Heart: My Dearest Friend


Dearest Lalaith,

Greetings! I apologize that a reply took so long to get to you. How is little Vana? I cannot get over how beautiful she is. I may have to beg for a sketch of the two of you one of these days. Has she been feeling and sleeping better at nights? I hope you have found a nurse to allow you more sleep. How have you been feeling?

Things here are as busy as always. I am living in the Ivory Tower now, did I tell you? My Lady has had so much on her plate, and there is ever so much to do, but I enjoy the work and it always helps the time pass more quickly. And I have had plenty to distract me with lately aside from work, teaching, fencing, and reading to the swans. Perhaps too much (but I will write you about boys some other time).

Tutoring is going well. With one having gotten a sponsor so he could continue as one of the few pages, and one of my girls in Pelargir for an apprenticeship I have had the freedom to take on a new student. We spend most of our lessons on the beach, or taking little field trips around the city. Dannert is still rough around the edges, but I have earned his trust, and there is a quiet understanding between us that wherever the group goes he is sure to help me avoid his brother. I hate the brother almost as much as I did Auntie. Perhaps even more so. He is the model for everything bad a human could be, everything vile brewing in this city, and I always fear doing anything that might trigger his abuse of Dannert. He makes me feel vulnerable and ill deep in my gut. Maybe one day he will bump into me atop the long city stair and accidentally fall of the edge….

Then there is my Lady. Lady Cirieldis is changed of late, especially after we’ve been staying in the tower, and I am ever worrying more and more. She has secluded herself, and it does not bode well. I brush her hair every night and it is like the world weighs on her shoulders. If I could take it from her I would in an instant. She should smile more. I try, but it feels as if it is becoming increasingly difficult. Nay, nigh impossible. Some nights I imagine the hair brushing might sweep away her troubles and stress. I imagine she was you and then I could sit with her and hug her till she feels better, or spirit her away for a walk like the one we took last year, where no one expects anything of her. I am fairly sure Sana still holds that against me, by the way.

How is Sana by the way? And Corden, and Orin, and his Lordship? Has the Haradic gentleman visited yet? I remember there being some speculation, but hopefully Pelargir is treating it’s foreign residents better than the ones here. Tell Orin I found another book he might enjoy, that is if he has not read it already. It is called ‘Heart of Nations’. The writer has a wonderful voice and cites very good sources.

I miss you terribly, and hope to have time afforded me soon to pay you a visit. Every time I visit the city seems bigger and brighter, and it makes my worry for Dol Amroth deepen. Kiss your darling girl for me, and tell her to be good to her mama. I have a dozen little presents for her, though they may end up being mailed, and will send some of Berests’ cheese your way when next I am able. With the regrettable state the city is in I cannot say when I may be free to see you next, but please do not worry for me.

Wising you every blessing,
Yours affectionately,

A Peaceful One


Dearest Anyatka,

I hope this letter finds you well. While yet another task keeps the Wayfarers away from home, I assure you we are whole and hale. We have found Master Arrowheart, but that is a topic for another letter.

How I wish you were in Rivendell with us. As midsummer approaches there is a change in magic in the air, and I wonder if you feel it there too. A cool summer breeze tumbles down from the mountains, heady with pine, and I suspect we will have a lovely ro strawberry moon on the eve of the solstice. Do take Anders or Abbi or Eboric out to see it if you can. Strawberry moons are always best admired with good company.

The others preoccupied, I have found myself on a little island under a tree crowned with fiery leaves far back in the succession of falls that I have always wanted to swim to. You would adore it, I think. The fireflies are thick tonight, reflecting off the crystalline waters, and this far in there is nearly no current. I am not sure yet if the scene should be painted, or be too fair, only meant to be cherished in memory.

Well wishes are sent your way, hoping that your birthday is a happy one. Your gift from me will come late, but will be wrapped in an old issue of The Warbler (for that is all they are really good for), and tied with ribbon. Were we at home you would have a cake of whatever flavor you wished, and probably a family supper where Eirikr may smile a little extra for you, Eboric would want food from everyone’s plate but his own, Abbi would craft a passably reasonable excuse to have a few extra drinks, and if Anders came he would be just as pleasant and kind as always.

I miss you dearly, oselle. I miss the nights of story and song, and even if there is no grand event, I pray that your birthday is a peaceful one. Take care of yourself. Give the boys my love, and anyone else my kind regards.

With all my love,


Innocent Heart: Letters and Longing

To the Master, Lord Colagar.

Dear Sir,

I pray this letter finds you in good health and spirits. The estate is well cared for and being kept spotless in your absence. Dol Amroth is a great deal quieter since the departure of the Knights. While I know little of the troubles occurring in darker corners of our city, the most boisterous of the rabble-rousers I usually overhear while on errands have fallen silent.

As for your Lady, I assure you she is well looked after. There is no question as to how greatly she misses you. Much effort is being put forward to keep her spirits up, and will continually be given until you return safely to her.

Sincerely, your humble servant,


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear Sir Hathlafel,

Greetings! I hope this letter finds you in better spirits than when we last spoke.

How is Minas Tirith? I would badger you with questions, but I am sure you are busy with a great many important things like winning the war, and all. I hope the time you spent there is not terribly marred by your purpose.

I saw your daughter a couple weeks back. Would that I had seen her more recently and I could give you a more accurate report. She seemed troubled, but in spite of whatever the matter was about her smile seemed, for the most part, as bright as ever.

Do take care of yourself and return to us in one piece. The letter enclosed with this one is to Lalaith. I was unsure of how to get it to her. If you could deliver it to her I would be grateful.

Sincerely, and with highest regards,


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dearest Lalith,

How are you? I miss you ever so much. You arrived safely, I hope.

How are the Houses of Healing? Are they treating you well? Do you like it there? They are so fortunate to have you there. You really are the best. I can’t begin to imagine all the things you get to see, and how much good you will have the opportunity to do.

What is Minas Tirith like? Has it changed much since you were last there? Do you recognize anyone? I hope you are getting along well.

Has any fighting started yet? You must promise me to be safe if it has or when it does. No running off and being reckless. You can be brave back at some safe place. I do not want to think about you not coming home.

Take care of yourself, my dear friend. I hope this is all over soon so you can come back.

Emeleth bless you and keep you.

Your friend,


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

She sat there for a time, staring at a fresh, blank page. Her first draft of her last letter was far too short so Feira set it aside. The second draft rambled on for several pages and those were discarded as well.

Starting into her third draft Feira jumped some time later, having realized she had gotten lost in a rather scandalous daydream. Blushing furiously, the young woman gathered up all three drafts and safely deposited them into the fire where the flames consumed all of her delicately penned words. A letter from her would never reach him anyways.

Bittersweet: Writing Home


Dearest Anyatka,

We arrived safely in Dol Amroth a few days ago. Imloth Melui was a success, though rather grim the whole while we were there. Being in the city, I find it is just as bright as when we were here earlier in the year.

While I have not heard specifically what we are to do here, I believe it has to do with the growing discontent among the citizens, and a sudden growth in numbers of unscrupulous sorts. We will be safe, of course, so try not to worry too much. So far the days have been good, and lighthearted.

I wish I had more to write about, but all I can think of at the moment is the swimming spot I found, the few trees that offer an escape from the gleaming stone towers, and the good ale that was shared tonight. You have my word that I will keep you updated on our comings and goings.

Give Abiorn my love. If you could leave a loaf of bread on the porch of my house once a week I would be grateful. Poor Henry was upset with me enough for having moved. Take care of yourself, dear oselle, and be safe.

All my love,


 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear Abiorn,

As Anya might have told you, our company has made it safely to Dol Amroth. We had a bit of excitement in Imloth Melui, part of which was a massive explosion Feygil accidentally caused that flattened an enemy camp (and knocked us flat on our asses as well).

The past few days being here have not been terribly exciting, though. You would like the ale here. Well, I think you would like a lot of things here. The people in the city have been very welcoming to me (though I suspect a part of it has to do with me being an Elf). Eirikr has spent much of his time out in the trees (as to be expected). I myself have found a wonderful cliff jutting out over the sea several miles up the coast that offers a clean dive out into the water. If Anya asks, it’s a rock, but it’s actually only about seventy feet high.

I am sure we will run into more intrigue and trouble as the days roll past. Take care of yourself, gwador, and take care of Anya. If you see Moon Moon at all, tell him we made it safely, and that I say hello.

Till next time,

Love, Eruviel

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wrapped in a soft, summer robe, and her wet hair coiled up in a towel that sat upon her head, Eruviel folded the last letter. Waiting a minute for the wax to melt, she carefully sealed the first message, and then the second. The last of her company had returned safely from the tavern, and, too awake to rest, she’d set into the writing she should have done days before.

Sitting on the floor in her empty room on a mound of pillows, she leaned both elbows on the low table that was once again covered with maps. She hadn’t had that much fun drinking in a long time. And, thanks to Tolan, she knew to keep well away from the bards dressed in pink.

Shaking her head, Eruviel tried to refocus on the maps before her. She hadn’t had all that much to drink, but her cheeks were still warm. Her mind drifted, and the edge of the region turned into the strong bend of his arm. The southern district of Tharbad slowly transformed into a trim, red beard, and the sketch of Nin-in-Eilph suddenly became limpid, dark grey eyes….

Letting out a despairing groan, Eruviel leaned her toweled head back. She didn’t mind him drunk; not at all, really, but she had had no clue that Atanamir, or anyone for that matter, had thought anything of them. A part of her didn’t care, but right then, for some silly reason, her head still swimming with him and half a dozen off-colored responses, she did. I must escort my lady to bed! Hugging a large pillow, Eruviel flopped over, as much as an Elf might, to lay on the floor. The flush in her cheeks turning a darker shade of pink, and she prayed that Tolan and Atanamir had been too drunk, and too enthralled by their conversation about pineapples to have overheard.

Bittersweet: Buisness Letters

Pouring herself a glass of cold wine and snuffing out the few candles, the Elf silently padded into the mess that was her bedroom. It would take time, adjusting to a house less than half the size of her last. While it was all the same furniture (except for her massive map table that she loathed leaving behind), the new house felt homier. The need for space in areas gave Eruviel the opportunity to add on the hidden pantry, cold storage, and secret wash room. It gave her the chance to get creative, and make the little corner at the edge of the woods her own.

Digging a small lap writing desk from a crate, she smiled a little, and dusted off the top. She had gotten rid of so much stuff. It was good stuff, and useful, but it made her realize just how much more of the past thousand years she had left. More wide awake than ever, she laid out on the mattress that still lacked it’s frame, and set up her inkwell.

So much to do, so little time.

~ ~ ~

Master Thomin,


It was good to see you at the Burns wedding. Frank told me about the early harvest you will be taking south, and I have need to ask a favor. At the port there will be Voronwen, along with a friend’s steed by the name of Kvigr. Ask for them under my name, and take them with you to Vrax in Tharbad. Understand that I expect them to be well looked after, and kept in shape in preparation for travel.

Give Beatrice my greetings when you see her, and may the road be kind to you.

Na lu e-govaned vin,


~ ~ ~


It has been several turns since I last heard from you and the brothers. Sorkha has not written of any recent dances with the captains of the hills, but she did mention that their numbers have increased substantially since my visit last year. While I am bound to my company, please write to update me on new movements, and if any need arises.

The Hunter guide your spears, and may the sun soon shine upon your lands.



~ ~ ~

To the Steward of Annúngilon,

Dear sir,

I was glad to hear of the year’s bounty, and the success on renovating the northern wing. Even more so, I congratulate you on the newest addition to your family. I hope future months grant me the time to visit, and pay my respects in person.

With this letter are the renewed contracts you asked for, and a few new ones I picked up along the way. If you would be so kind, I was wondering if you could find the time to send the third crate from Milloth’s storage to my new address.

Give Maeria my greetings, and kiss the twins for me as well.

The Valar keep you, and may peace ever fill your days.

Eruraviel Artistuion

~ ~ ~


Thomin has informed me of the company’s schedule. Seeing as he will be making his way to you, I have asked that he bring my steed, and that of a friend’s to you. I will be needing to pick them up from you in about a month and a half, and will update you when the time approaches as to the days I and my companion will be arriving. Keep a swift skiff at the camp on the Greyflood for us, and till we arrive please care for our horses with the mind that we will be riding hard east from Tharbad.

Yes, you will be compensated for your troubles, and yes, I am fully aware that a tongue-lashing will be awaiting me. Give the lads my greeting.

Till then,


Letters: Drawing to a Close


Dearest Sister,

Forgive me for not writing you in a while. I hope this letter reaches you before we return, for I do believe our time here is drawing to a close.

An unnatural storm had set in on the region, but thankfully has finally abated. Our company and all of those in the city had to take shelter in the Great Lodge. Though the warmth was welcome, I do not think I have ever had cabin fever so badly. A few of us set out one afternoon to track down a hunter that had been lost, and I can honestly say I have never been so cold in my entire life.

There is much to write, but it would be so much better to tell you in person. You will have more sketches of Forochel as well, but those will come with my return. I am well, and Abbi is also. The chief, Panja whom we were send here to aid is beginning to recover. Time will tell if the sacrifices made to see him healed are worth it.

Take care of yourself, Anyatka.  I warn you, Abbi is a little taller, a little louder, and a little more ‘bear’ than he was before. I think you’ll be proud of him (and I won’t cut his hair just so you can have something to fuss over). His presence here has been invaluable to me.

Till we see each other again, and with all my love,




Dear Eirikr,

I realize how long it’s been since my last update, and I apologize. I do hope this letter reaches you before we return home.

Abiorn and I are well, as is the majority of our company. We have suffered a great loss with the passing of one of our number, as well as several setbacks, but at last we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Our company has been able to help the chief we came up here to aid, but time will tell if our efforts turn out to be fruitful.

I am happy to report that the wolf pups we took in have found a new home. Master Dorsett and myself saw them off. While I am glad that they are safe and happy, the parting was bittersweet. I can only blame myself for getting so attached to Hano, but I know he is far better off here than he ever would be in Bree.

There is so much more I would like to tell you, but it will have to wait till we all come home. Give Bear a treat for me, and Grey a polite nod (I do not know if he’s the ‘pat-on-the-head’ or hugging sort).

Be well.

Till then, I remain yours,




Dear friend,

Thank you for your letter. I apologize for not telling you of my departure for the north when it happened, but time was short and I could not find you.

I am sorry that this has been a struggle for you. Though I would prefer to have this discussion in person I fear my return may come too late.

First of all, I must say that I am glad to hear that Lan is behind bars. Nothing I have ever seen him do has been selfless and in the good interest of others. His words are twisted, and while he may have called you ‘friend’, such a term can unfortunately be used lightly. You have a good heart, Threz, and while your emotions are clouding your decisions, I believe you are able to discern the true nature of this man. More than that, I think you already know.

Secondly, you say that he has done all those things for you. Keep in mind that the enemy feeds, clothes, and entertains his men as well. One good deed does not cover a well of wrongs, especially if the one who commits them is unrepentant.

I understand the struggle you are facing. It is a difficult decision and I will not try to lessen the gravity of it. Lan is a hard man, and knows well the road he walks.  Do not let your guilt and feelings keep you back from doing the right things. Hard decisions are part of being a leader and you will have to make more of them in the future.

Remember this: When you go home, will you sleep with the knowledge that you’ve put a cruel man behind bars and saved other’s lives, or will you lay in bed, glad that Lan is alive as another farmhouse burns to the ground, a family within? Taking lives is never a choice one should make lightly, but a decision that should be made with a clear head and right heart.

I hope to see you soon. When I get back I’ll buy you a cider and we can speak more of it.

Till then, take care of yourself.



Letters: Miss You

Dearest sister,

Thank you so much for your reply! Hearing from you has been the highlight of my week. I am glad to read that you are well. Be assured that I will see that Abbi writes again.

It is good to hear of home. I’d think Little Staddlemere would be lovely this time of year; frozen over and wreathed with glistening snow. I hope the village is as cozy and safe in its wintery bliss as I imagine it to be. I do not mind Eirikr being at my place. The quiet is probably nice. I assume it is far away enough to satisfy his wandering feet, and close enough that he is not far from home and you.

The mental image of little Bear wreaking havoc in the market is hilarious. At least he did not destroy the house. I’m sure there are enough cats around to keep him in line (for the most part). Speaking of pups, this is my current new little friend. Háno and his brother Kemp (yes, named after Hallem), were rescued by a group of us after their pack had been killed. Do not worry. I am not brining back a retinue of new pets to add to the zoo. Between your house and mine I daresay we could have one. I am hoping either another wolf pack or a Lossoth hunter will take in the rascals. I will miss Háno, though. He has decided his new bed is atop of my legs, and while still wild, is relatively well mannered.

What else is new?! I competed against a Larsi gentleman at chopping wood the other night, and won. Apparently he was so impressed by my ability to do chores that he gifted me with a token of favor. With the troubles concerning the chief’s marriage the token could come in handy, but I hope it’s use will not be necessary . . . mostly because I am a terrible pack-rat and would like to keep it as a keepsake.

Things in the spirit world have not changed much, but I am still equally delighted and concerned by it. We witnessed the most beautiful thing earlier this past week. A spirit of higher standing had fallen in love with a human woman in Suri-kyla. I do not know how long they have been lovers, but he was granted the freedom to leave the spirit world to join his beloved. It was almost like a birthing, but with no blood; only explosions of light, warmth, and the simmering radiance of the night sky seeming to dance about us as the spirit left his world behind. The look they shared as they touched hands for the first time, though seemed somehow more brilliant and meaningful than all the light and power in the past minutes.

The two drawings are lacking, but I hope they suffice. I miss you greatly, Anyatka. Be well, sleep in, and spoil yourself while we are away. I have asked Eirikr to give you a hug so be sure to collect one from him. I hope to see you soon as well.

With all my love,






 – – – – – *** – – – – –

Dear Eirikr,

Thank you for your letter. While I detect a frown in your words, know your gloom only made me smile. I do not do so because I like your gloom, but because I feel you would worry even if there were no danger. I am honored by the confidence you put in me, but am not sure if I should double my efforts in being careful, or simply never tell you of whatever peril I encounter. Seeing as I cannot find it in myself to lie to you, I will merely report on the good in an attempt to relieve your worry. The not so good will only be told in person once Abbi and I have safely returned.

Abiorn has been causing a little mischief, but no harm has been done. Indeed, if he were acting innocently I would be more concerned. He has made several friends in our time here. Though his joints still bother him, he has done well (as always) under Cwendlwyns care. His spirits seem more bright and alive than ever. He might have grown an inch or so as well, but I cannot be certain.

Concerning the dragon, do not give up hope. I am sure we will find a way. I apologize for not consulting you before, but if anyone can help us it would be Atanamir. He is the dark, exceptionally melancholy gentleman who is so pretty he might be mistaken for a girl ( though you did not hear that from me). I know not yet if he has had time to look into our situation, but I pray to have some progress to report once I come home.

As for other updates, a few things have transpired since my last letter. Apparently my wood-chopping skills were impressive enough to earn me a token of favor with the Lossoth. My Larsi has been coming along nicely, though I am nowhere near as fluent as I would hope to be. The other evening we all took a much needed respite at a hot springs. I could have remained there for hours, and am thoroughly convinced that more places should have such a place for relaxation.

The only other major news is that there are two wolf cubs in our company for the time being. Feygil, Atanamir, a gentleman by the name of Dorsett, and myself went out in search for a pack of wolves. To our distress we discovered that the pack had been slain by a Gauradan hunter. Spiriting the two surviving cubs back with us (who have been named Háno and Kemp), we hope to find them a new home. They are hardly a foot tall, and white as the snow. Háno has taken a liking to me, and I admit I have grown far more attached to him than I really should. The drawing (art not being a great talent of mine) is what I woke up to this morning. He is so adorable, I could melt, even after he decided the other morning that latching onto my ear was a good way to wake me to play. I am now sporting a neat set of bite marks on the tip of one ear, and sleep entirely hidden beneath my covers. I doubt the layers of fur will suffice as a shield for long. I will have both Háno and his brother in my hut tonight, and have decided to take them on a good long walk before bed in hopes of tiring them out.

Give Anyatka a hug for me, and Bear a treat. If Henry should show up give him my greetings as well. I hope the house has been suitable. Do know you need not stay only in the cold of the cellar, and can take your reading upstairs, if you wish.  I mi I do not know how much longer we will be here, but I miss your company, and when we get back hope to see you well and rested.

Till then, I remain yours,


photo 2 (2)

Letters: Where to Begin

Dear Nate,

Thank you for your letter. I admit that I was surprised to receive it, but nonetheless delighted.

In spite of the cold and ever present danger of Forochel, I am well and whole. Indeed, I feel safer than I have in a long time due to the company I keep. It is beautiful here, and wild, and there is always something new for my old eyes. I have hunted large, long-toothed cats, stood nose to nose with a massive wolf that was as tall as a man, and spent an hour in another persons body. It is a long story, but I promise to give you all the details upon my return.

Though I would tell you not to worry for me, I thank you for caring enough to do so. I’m am glad to hear you still continue to pursue healing. I hope things with Auroera are going more smoothly. Be well, my friend.

Till we meet again, safe paths to you.


—– —– —–

Dearest Sister,

Before I start in, the first sketch is where I am writing to you. How are you? How is home, and Eirikr, and Durrow? I do hope Bear has healed up since the spider incident.

Where do I begin? So much has happened since I last wrote. I daresay a novel or two could be written in recounting tales from the past weeks.  Due to a little trouble in the spirit world one evening, our party was cast back into our realm . . . reawakening in the wrong bodies. A young woman by the name of Faethril was in my body, and Abiorn found himself in the body of a young gentleman who goes by Sage. I myself awoke inside Abbi’s body. I do not think I can properly express everything that I felt, with our little brother as the vessel for my soul.

I have tasted mortality, the ache in his bones, and the overwhelming fire of wanting to turn into a bear (which, I should note, I did not). But, worst of all was that I — he apparently had to relieve himself and I had to hold it the whole time before being able to be put back in my own skin. Never, have I ever been more grateful to be a female! The only side-effects are that occasionally I get the urge to shout at inconvenient times, and certain things stir my anger more than they ever have before. It has given me a whole new appreciation for Abiorn.

In preparation for the impending wedding (though the young chief Panja has yet to decide on a bride), Cwendlwyn, Master Arrowheart, and myself went out to collect snowdrops (one which has been pressed and is with my sketches to you), and to hunt large, saber-toothed cats known as Kalpa-kita. Five pelts were needed, for it is customary for brides to wear dresses made from the animal’s white fur. That was the first day since our arrival that I had seen trees. How I miss them!

I will not take my time here for granted, and hope to find more remote corners to sketch down for you. I wish I could draw for you the giant wolf I saw in the spirit world, the thousands of pools I wrote of before, and the glistening ice palace of the spirit Prince named Pretty. I am sure Abbi will regale you with more of our adventures.

Take care of yourself, Anya.

With all my love,





—– —– —–

Dear Eirikr,

I hope this letter finds you well and enjoying your winter respite. The most recent snow storm abated a few days ago and we find ourselves as busy as ever. We spend a great deal of time in the spirit world, and though I cannot say all of the experiences have been pleasant, we have met a great many kind spirits and have had more than our fair share of adventures.

Not long after my last letter we were in the other world, attempting to calm a lost spirit who was unaware that she had perished in our world, when two wolves came upon us. The lady Faethril seemed to know who they were and spoke with the smaller female, but the male circled the rest of us. He finally stopped before me, his nose hardly an inch from my own. I feel like a fool for, instead of greeting him, all I could do was stare back at his piercing gaze in wonder. His name is Valkoinen, and he is as tall as Kvgir. I wish you could have seen him. He is by far the most magnificent creature I have ever beheld. Looking back, perhaps it was appropriate that I found myself speechless. Such a moment would have been easily ruined by words.

A dark creature has been following us. We do not know what, but those who know of it seemed gripped with fear by it’s presence. The hate in it’s white eyes is unrivaled, and it has attacked our party more than once. One night it attacked and there was no escape. Thrown back into our world we awoke, but in the wrong bodies. Abiorn found himself in the body of a young gentleman who goes by Sage, and I was in Abbi’s. While it was a worthwhile experience, I mean no disrespect your gender when I say I am infinitely relieved to be back in my own skin. The lingering side-effects are that occasionally I feel less restraint in being frank with others (which actually came in handy the other day), and certain topics stir my anger more than ever before. I have seen things through Abbi’s eyes, and it has given me a new appreciation for him.

Even as events turn and we find ourselves in dangerous situations, we are all well and in some ways more whole. I forgot to mention before, but I took the liberty of speak with Atanamir about our research. I hope this does not meet your disapproval, but he is the most knowledgeable resource we have in that field of study. He said that he would be glad to aid us in finding a solution.

Give Anyatka a hug for me. There should be a treat in my pantry for Bear, and if you happen upon Grey give him my greetings. He does not strike me as the hugging type.

Till then, I remain yours,


Letters: Musings and Misadventures

photo 1(8)

Dearest Sister,

The first sketch is from where I sit writing to you. I doubt the cold and harshness of Forochel would suit you, but how I wish you could see this beautiful land shrouded in snow and ice.

Hallem and I went ice climbing the other morning, and as he accused me of being naturally gifted (which I assured him I was not), my thoughts immediately went to you. As talented as you were a year ago, it amazes me to see how you’ve grown as an artist. I think only your keen eye and steady hand could properly make the frozen beauty of this place come to life on canvas.

Speaking of a year ago, I woke this morning and realized that this time last year you had moved into my spare room. We already had this conversation, but I just want to thank you for being in my life. When we get back you and I should have a day out. Whatever you want to do.

How are you? How is home? I hope you and Eirikr are getting along all right. Be safe and stay warm, and I will write again soon.

With all my love,


– – – ~*~ – – –

Dearest Sister,

Today might have been the longest day I have had in a while. After returning home today I did not even make it to the Lodge. I’m tired and beat in every way. This will sound odd coming from an Eldar, but all I want right now is a hug and a hot bath.

Abbi stayed behind with a few of the others today to speak with the young woman who is intended to wed Panja, the young chieftain that we came up here to aid. Myself, Cwen, and several others departed for the spirit world with the intentions of calming a wind spirit that hindered our continued exploration of the realm. The talk of Cwendlwyn’s story-telling at yule did no justice to her gifts of speech. The tale she read to appease the disgruntled entity brought several of us to tears.

Moving on, we came to a vast waste and traversed over a good portion of it till we came upon a most curious place. I will not lie and say that the thousands of little glass pools dotting the landscape were not a breathtaking sight, but I also will never peer into one again. Nearly all of us did so, the Master Dorsett excluded, and the spell of some vision gripped all of us. A few were amusing; Cwen thinking she was a lusty cat and Atanamir thinking he was a mammoth, but Oendir’s and my own were not so. If it had not been for a jolly spirit named Karhulaulu I fear I would have been lost to despair and a fruitless search for something I had lost. A brilliant, shining spirit in the form an an elf appeared and freed us from our individual curses. Oh, but he was a sight to behold. The spell is gone, but not the aching memory of having lost something of utmost importance or the feeling of being utterly, eternally alone. Now that I think about it, after I rest I should find Abbi and the others. I wish you were here. Your company always has a way of boosting my spirits.

Returning safely to Sûri-kylä, most of us promptly departed again along with Panja and a tall, golden-eyed hunter named Taja. A great ice drake had been attacking caravans and when we found it we hoped to reason with it. As our fortunes dictated, the monstrous animal attacked us and we did our best to subdue it. Atanamir was nearly eaten,Taja, Sage, and the Eldar Kemendin all suffered injuries, and Panja and I are battered and bruised, but it was poor Hallem who had been hurt worst; the beast having collapsed on his legs. Sage, who spoke to a spirit who appeared to him, assured us that we could release the animal, and we reluctantly did so. Do not tell worry. We made it back to the village safely, and I and everyone here are in good hands.

On a happier note, I forgot to tell you that several days ago Abiorn, Hallem and I got to help harness puppies who will grow to be sled dogs. I do not think I have seen anything so adorable in my whole life as that tumbling, yipping mound of puppies. We all got to harness a pup; Abbi’s being eager to take to his harness, mine being sweet tempered and willing, and Hallem’s pudgy charge not cooperating at all. Puppies might be one of the best creatures in the world.

Aside from the impending wedding, I cannot think of much else to report on at the moment. I will try to send your letter with Eirikr’s next week, along with a few more sketches of Forochel. I miss you, and pray that you are well, oselle. Enjoy the peace and quiet and the lesser cold that is winter in Bree-land. I have a feeling Abbi may be more boisterous than ever upon our return. Greet our brother for me and take care of yourself.

With all my love,


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Innocent Heart: An Abundance of Letters

Dear Lalaith,

This is so exciting, writing letters! One of the girls is letting me use her stationary till I can get my own. The kissing swans impression isn’t my thing. Maybe dueling brooms would be more appropriate . . . .

Anyhow, things are good here. That boy hasn’t shown up, though it’s probly for the better. I can only imagine the fuss all the girls would throw at a boy showing up for me. Which is entirely ridiculous since most of them have boys, (except for Nellie who I’m pretty sure is juggling three).

Speaking of juggling, Auntie lit into me the other night again (which, now that I mention it, I can’t remember if I’ve told you anything about my aunt), about something that was really nothing. But as a result I have decided to lash out and learn more things. I know, I know, I’m a rebel . . . . The house library has a few books on Haradic, and I’ve decided to take it up. I’d considered Sindarin but that just seems impractical at the current time. I’ve also borrowed books from the city library on sewing and the third volume of the ‘Compendium of Gondor: The Second Age.’ (Volume two is SUPER dry.) I’m still working on fencing, but it’s hard with no one to practice with, and I can only kill so many imaginary Black Roses.

But enough about me! How are you? What have you been busy with? That weird, rich guy show up again? I hate not being able to see and chat with you whenever we want. Letters are exciting, but talking face to face is so much better. Take care of yourself and I’ll see you soon!

Always, Feira


Dear Lalaith,

He showed up yesterday! The boy from the street dance; he appeared in the middle of me hanging laundry and I almost hit him with a dish towel. Some times I just can’t believe myself. I’m so giddy and I can’t tell anyone! Well I guess I could tell Torrin — noooo . . .  I should probably wait to tell brother. He most likely doesn’t care. Have I told you I have a big brother? Well, you probably already know that. You know everything. He’s been helping me with my fencing lessons . . . Though, to be honest I suspect he’s only humoring me — and speak of the devil. I have to run! I’ll finish this later!

(Hastily added) And I meant ‘you know everything’ as in you’re really smart!


Dear Lalaith,

I know I just saw you at noon today, but I could not wait to write. Lhainan showed up at the library after I returned from our walk. I admit that a part of me wondered if he actually would. Last night seemed too good to be anything but a dream. But tonight was equally as wonderful . . . and without the horrible horseradish. I don’t want these last few days to end. I suddenly feel so rediculous. Is it alright? It’s so overwhelming I’ve been wondering how i am able to sleep at night with my mind going a million miles an hour.

Speaking of sleep! I completely forgot to tell you. After his visit while I was doing the washing I hardly slept a wink that night and I accidentally dozed off while cleaning the lord and lady’s hearth. Lady Mredothyn caught me and I thought it would be the end of me, but she was so kind! Not that I should have expected her to be anything but. The house seems so much brighter with her around. (Thank Emeleth she’s not like Lad like some of the other Ladies in Dol Amroth.) And she’s so fat! A good fat! A good fat! It’s not all the time you see pregnant Ladies glowing and walking about like she does. I remember you asking, and the wedding is supposed to be some time in the spring.

I’m sorry I hadn’t finished and sent your other letters sooner. It is selfish of me, I know, but having to wait a whole month to see you really — well — is no fun. Whatever you did to get errands to come into town, you should do more of it!

I will let you know how tomorrow goes. Lhain’s taking me out on a boat! A little one. I have no idea where we are going. The prospect of adventure is thrilling! Is it possible to lose your mind from being too excited? Not that I’ll loose my mind (promise), but . . . well I’ll stop before I really begin to ramble.

Take care of yourself. Let me know how the expansions to the dining hall go? I hope you are well and have everything you need. There is no need to worry, I know, but I’m gonna anyways, so too bad.

Till later!

Always, Feira